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iHelix MD

iHelix MD is an integrated solution specially designed for physicians and clinics. The product includes E-Prescribing, Revenue Cycle Management, Scheduling and Patient Portal, along with a full suite of clinical applications. Patients can make their own online appointments by logging into the patient portal as well as message the physician or nurse. iHelix MD is available in two different delivery models In-house server or cloud hosting at our facility. iHelix MD EMR ( Electronic Medical Record) is the central repository for all patient information. The EMR provides care givers a comprehensive view of patient information including demographic, historical and clinical information.

iHelix Hospital

iHelix Hospital is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated hospital information system. It provides healthcare organizations with a complete set of tools for improved hospital management, clinical tasks and patient administration. User access to the system is via browser across all departments from any device from anywhere. iHelix is on a single open standard database for easy, low-cost, reliable and secure operations. No more maddening scrabbles to try to identify which system interconnection is down or compromised. iHelix has a system architecture that is simple and elegant.

The iHelix unified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) includes: 

  • Patient Administration
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology (RIS only)
  • Enterprise scheduling
  • Bed management
  • Medical Billing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Materials Management
  • Human Resource systems
  • Payroll
  • Surgery
  • Nursing Activities

iHelix -Lite

iHelix lite is designed to let a clinician to work offline. This allows physicians and nurses to perform certain activities even in locations where the internet is unavailable or insecure. iHelix lite is a perfect solution for mobile healthcare workers as well. The healthcare staff can download the data into a laptop or other mobile device and perform their activities without having to be tethered to the main system. They can then upload their data to synch up with main system. A perfect solution for home healthcare workers and technicians. For more information please visit